Sunday, 3 January 2016

Tata for now...


I've been thinking a lot about my blog these last few weeks, wondering what i'd be doing with it in 2016 and the honest answer?


When I first started out blogging there wasn't the thousands and thousands that there are today, it was my little corner of the world and I had become totally engrossed in it.  I'd spent hours, days, taking pictures, scheduling posts, making lists to things to buy, I met friends through blogging that are still my friends today and I loved it! I blogged a lot more in the beginning and I actually went back and deleted the first two years of my posts because looking back I thought they were awful and didn't conform to the popular blogging styles of today, how silly of me.

The second half of 2014 was a year of change for me, I had to find myself again and I did that with the help of my amazing friends and other half. 

2015 was just an incredible year, my favourite to date if that's even a thing. I travelled more than I had before, even if just for overnight stays, and done more that i'd done in the last...7 years or so. We moved into a new flat, I got a job promotion, my friend gave birth to my beautiful Godson, it was just an amazing year.

A few times I sat down to blog but my heart wasn't really in it - i'd get out my laptop at times and just stare at it then decide I didn't want to do anything.

I don't have the need or want to blog anymore. When I look back at it, it was my escape from a life which I wasn't living to the full. I spent all this money that I didn't have, on products that I didn't need, to fill up some gap in my life that never ever seemed full.

Now, i've never been so happy and content, I keep thinking i'll wake up one day and it'll all be over but it just keeps getting better and better.

I still love makeup up, I love putting it on and I love trawling Boots and Debenhams but I don't feel the need to own every single colour of a lipstick line/eyeshadow collection. The last three months or so i've actually been working on downsizing my collection and i'm quite proud of what i've managed to achieve in a short space of time, I even got through a whole blusher which is a first.

My goal for this year is to continue using up all my products and find those few that I love and want to repurchase. I don't think i'll ever get down to owning just one makeup bag - my eyeshadow collection would never fit into it! Eye products whether it be eyeshadow, liner, mascara etc and lipsticks (particularly red) are my total weakness...if I can get everything down to a minimum and have a larger than average eye and lip collection i'll be happy.

So this is probably it for a while, if not forever, if I ever get the urge to blog I will but even writing this is a relief as it takes the pressure off of needing to blog just because.

2016 is going to be a brilliant year, start positive and positive it will be. I'm so excited to see what will happen as the year goes on!

Friday, 16 October 2015

Review//before and after lip fillers at La Belle Forme Glasgow.

WARNING - Get a cuppa, this is long one and picture heavy! While doing my research I struggled to find really in depth posts with lots of pictures and information so i've included absolutely everything I can in here.

I'd started looking into lip fillers properly about two to three months before I was contacted by a PR company and asked to review a treatment at La Belle Forme in Glasgow, I had a look at the clinic online and when I realised they done lip fillers I asked if this would be a possibility and they very kindly agreed.

I'd seen reviews from other bloggers who had been to this clinic for various reasons and they read very positively, I also know one of the surgeons who works there so I put my faith in them and made an appointment. I booked in for 11am on Friday 9th and enlisted the help of a friend who could take pictures and give me some honest answers at the time.

Prior to getting this procedure my lips were okay, they're weren't too thin and they weren't super full but i've always kind of noticed that my upper lip was just a bit smaller than I would have liked. When I smiled I felt like my top lip would be really quite thin and sometimes uneven so i'd try to take pictures from a more flattering angle or try pout my upper lip forward.

Here's some pictures of my lips before with various lip colours and natural in the bottom left.

lip fillers before and after La Belle Forme Glasgow

Procedure Day - Friday 9th

I met my friend at 10am and we had a coffee while walking over to the clinic, we got there about quarter to 11 which gave us time to relax before I went in. I was super super nervous!! On first impressions the clinic was super clean and bright, they had loads of information leaflets and the girls on reception were friendly - so far so good!

The nurse carrying out my procedure was Norma who firstly is the loveliest person ever! So friendly and knowledgable, she made me feel totally at ease. We had a little consultation first, why I wanted it done, what results I was expecting and Norma had me pull a variety of faces (she said frown and I broke out into a HUGE grin...nerves!!). I explained that I wanted some more fullness while still being really natural and Norma said that was definitely doable, she decided on using Juverderm Ultra 3 as this came in a 1ml syringe giving us a little more product to work with. I'd done a lot of research so I felt I was pretty clued up in the risks etc but Norma didn't leave anything out and made sure I knew exactly what was going to happen during and after treatment.

Once we'd had out chat I signed a consent form and Norma took a before picture, I then jumped up onto the bed, had the makeup on my lips and around my mouth removed with an alcohol swab and had some Emla cream (topical anaesthetic) put on my lips and around my mouth. This stayed on for about fifteen minutes and it definitely had a good effect. My lips felt huge and rubbery and I was convinced I was drooling!

lip fillers before and after La Belle Forme Glasgow
Looking fab!
lip fillers before and after La Belle Forme Glasgow
Much Emla
After fifteen minutes Norma removed the cream and we got to work. I could definitely still feel the needle but it was a very slight pinch, nothing too taxing. As the Juvederm also contains Lidocaine it numbs as it's injected so the first few pinches are the sorest and then it's totally fine. I believe I had a total of five injection marks along my top lip, two each side and one at my cupids bow and three along my bottom. My bottom lip is naturally quite full so Norma only injected along the border and in the middle to give it some extra definition.

lip fillers before and after La Belle Forme Glasgow
Not the most flattering angle! - Thanks Claire! 
lip fillers before and after La Belle Forme Glasgow
Slightly blurry but this is a technique Norma learned from a plastic surgeon.
During the whole procedure Norma explained everything and answered questions that my friend and I had along the way, I felt really relaxed during it even though I was totally sweating! I had gotten myself totally worked up for absolutely nothing. The entire procedure from consultation to finishing lasted about fortyfive minutes if that but it went in so quickly. Once we'd finished Norma put some Arnica cream on to minimise any bruising, we took an after picture and that was it!

I really am so so over the moon with the result!! My lips were kind of funny feeling afterward, kind of numb but nothing too noticeable. I could talk, eat and drink straight away and we went for lunch straight after with no worries.

lip fillers before and after La Belle Forme Glasgow
Fifteen minutes after injections
lip fillers before and after La Belle Forme Glasgow
Side profile fifteen minutes after injections
I started to notice a little pain about twenty minutes after treatment so I took two paracetamol just incase it got really sore and I didn't have any pain at all after that.

lip fillers before and after La Belle Forme Glasgow
Three hours after treatment
I was really surprised at how moveable my lips were at this stage, i'd seen lots of people saying they couldn't move their top lip at all almost immediately but I was still able to do everything normally. The only time I really noticed that they were a little stiffer was if I tried to pout, pucker my lips or scrunch my nose.

lip fillers before and after La Belle Forme Glasgow
Close up three hours after
At this stage I seen the tiniest bruise at the top right of my lip but again nothing too scary or noticeable.

lip fillers before and after La Belle Forme Glasgow

They had started to swell a little more at this stage which wasn't so noticeable from the front but definitely more noticeable from the side, it looks huge to me but in reality it's not so bad.

lip fillers before and after La Belle Forme Glasgow
Quack quack!!
I took my last pictures from this day about 10:30pm after taking my makeup off, eleven hours after the procedure and I noticed they'd swollen a lot more by then, they'd also started to get a little tight and dry but I had been advised not to use any makeup for 12 hours so I decided against lip balm also.

lip fillers before and after La Belle Forme Glasgow

lip fillers before and after La Belle Forme Glasgow
Definite duck face starting here
lip fillers before and after La Belle Forme Glasgow
Close up eleven hours after
lip fillers before and after La Belle Forme Glasgow

Next day - Saturday 10th

I had work at 8am but woke up at 5am, an hour before my alarm, so lay in bed with a bottle of water from the fridge on my lips for around fifteen minutes. They swollen a little more overnight and my bottom lip looked larger too. They felt pretty tight and like I had on an extreme pout! I noticed today that the inside of my upper lip had two lumps on the left corner. They weren't visible from the outside and were only uncomfortable if I ran my tongue along them or pressed my lips together, I wasn't worried though as Norma said this was a possibility and that the lumps would disperse over the course of the next week or two.

lip fillers before and after La Belle Forme Glasgow
6:30am the next day, about 19 hours after
lip fillers before and after La Belle Forme Glasgow

lip fillers before and after La Belle Forme Glasgow

Sunday 11th & Monday 12th

The swelling is gradually going down, I find them to be a lot more swollen in the morning but as the day goes on they decrease. I've still got the lumps but nothing to worry about.

lip fillers before and after La Belle Forme Glasgow
Sunday 11th (am)
lip fillers before and after La Belle Forme Glasgow
Sunday 11th (pm)
lip fillers before and after La Belle Forme Glasgow
Monday 12th (with lipgloss)
Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th

Tuesday 13th
Tuesday 13th
I took pictures on the Tuesday but there was absolutely no change on the Wednesday so I didn't take pictures then. The swelling has gone considerably I think and the lumps are less noticeable when I run my tongue along the inside.

Friday 16th - One week after fillers

I hope this is how my lips will stay as I love them like this! I asked for subtle difference that looked natural and that's what Norma done! She's brilliant!

I had 0.7ml of Juvederm Ultra 3 injected in total between both lips which costs £230.

I'll definitely get this done again and it will be at La Belle Forme! I cannot recommend them highly enough.

If you're interested in any skincare or cosmetic treatment I urge you to check out La Belle Forme at their site here. You wont regret it.

For anyone that's not really sure Juvederm is an injectable filler made up of hyaluronic acid, which is naturally occuring in your body, it's a very smooth gel which can plump lips and iron out any wrinkles and lip lines, it also attracts and retains moisture which give your lips that plump look. As it naturally occurs in your body there's less chance of having a reaction and as time goes on your body metabolises the product and it'll eventually disappear, results with Juvederm Ultra 3 last around the 9-10 month mark and Norma has clients that it has lasted around 11 months on. Not bad as I was only expecting about 6 months at an absolute push.

*treatment provided for free for review

Saturday, 10 October 2015

5 Things I Like To Do In Autumn

5 things I like to do in Autumn

1. All the caramel lattes. Venti please.

5 things I like to do in Autumn

2. Wear more tartan scarves. So Scottish stereotypical but I must!

5 things I like to do in Autumn
3. Jump in all the leaves (note: shake out boots post jump, no-one needs a spider in there)

5 things I like to do in Autumn

4. Smoosh on dark lips, so cliche but so good.

5 things I like to do in Autumn

5. Burn comforting candles while curled up on the couch with a blanket, stick a book in there and you feel like something out a movie.


Sunday, 4 October 2015

Makeup Collection and Daily Makeup 2015

I haven't done a makeup collection post in a while so I thought i'd show you what I currently have alongside my current daily makeup bag.

I've done an overview mostly but will go into more detail in future posts.

Updated makeup collection and storage 2015

All my makeup is currently housed in the biggest blogger and vlogger cliche, however it works perfectly and our room is all white so it fits in.

Updated makeup collection and storage 2015

On top of my cliche sit more cliches, some makeup and eclectic books (look at me, I can read) a glass jar housing a candle (it's not Jo Malone but it'll do) my daily makeup bag and my new Benefit holiday palette.

Updated makeup collection and storage 2015

Drawer one houses all my makeup brushes which haven't changed much in the last few years, I like what I like and when they're done i'll replace them with the same. I do want to try out some MAC (can you believe i've never had any of their brushes) some Morphe and some Zoeva though.

Updated makeup collection and storage 2015

Drawer two is for all things lip. This is the drawer that gets a clearout more than the others, some of these products are years old but they still work and they're not gross (yet) so they shall stay. I've pretty much narrowed it down to products I use all the time although those Benefit lip glosses at the back could probably do with going to the bin.

My favourite brands in terms of lips are definitely MAC, NARS and Clinique. I used to be all about the gloss but in recent years it's been more lipsticks and lip crayons. I do have a need though for some glosses and I think a trip to MAC or Urban Decay is on the cards. I've realised I prefer glosses with a doe foot applicator rather then the squeezy tubes (hence why the Benefit glosses are never used).

Updated makeup collection and storage 2015

These are the products I can see myself reaching for more often now we're back into the colder weather, i've already gotten some use out of most of them since mid September and they're all lovely!

Left to right MAC Plumful, MAC Rebel, Clinique Grandest Grape, Jack Wills but can't see a name, NARS Never Say Never and Korres Wild Rose lip butter.

Updated makeup collection and storage 2015

Drawer three is for all things face. I have setting sprays, primers, concealers and foundations, powder, blush, bronzer and highlight. Phew!

My favourite brands in this category are definitely NARS and Benefit for colour and currently MAC, Urban Decay and BareMinerals for base.

When it comes to base i've come to realise that more expensive products just work better on me, they don't tend to oxidise, they last longer and they just have a better finish and look. My favourite foundations are Urban Decay naked skin (i've been through two and need to repurchase again) MAC studio sculpt and BareMinerals complexion rescue.

Updated makeup collection and storage 2015

The final makeup drawer includes all things eye. You can see quite clearly who comes top in the favourites list here. I think Urban Decay just have the best eyeshadows and everything a neutral lover could wish for! I also do love some MAC and Nars in here too.

As you can see from my collection I have the same brands recurring time and time again, my favourites would just have to be MAC, Urban Decay, Benefit and NARS. They all produce such brilliant products and i've not really had many duds from them! When it comes to drugstore products i'm a big fan of Maybelline for mascaras and colour tattoos, L'oreal for bases and mascaras and Revlon for lip products.

My daily makeup bag changes on a weekly basis really as i'm always trying to rotate my products round.

Updated makeup collection and storage 2015

Currently though i'm loving these products, I didn't include a lip option as that changes most days.

My staple products that dont tend to change are probably the three black tubes you can see which are Soap and Glory brow archery pencil, Stila liquid liner and Urban Decay pencil liner. These three are products which just work day in day out and I love them! The Benefit blue mascara is a new product which i'm really really enjoying and will review at some point also.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Home Sweet Home

We've been living in our flat now for just about 3 months and it's finally coming together. I thought i'd share some pictures today of the little bits that I love and when it's all complete I can get pictures up of each room.

I absolutely love candles, especially the Yankee Candles and I bought a few more yesterday so I had to burn them as soon as I got home.

We don't really have a style as such, we just pick up things we like and put them somewhere, there's little mixes of everything really. While I love to look at decor on Pinterest, rooms that are all white and beautifully arranged etc, I just don't think it's very liveable for us. I like to have things a little mish mash, tidy but not overly tidy, you get the jist.

I've been off work this week on annual leave and the weather has been great - I can finally see the bottom of the washing basket now! That's when you know you're getting older...when you look outside and think it's a great day for getting the washing out.

Oh how times have changed.